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Aeroscale is a start-up:


Our invention is based on a rigorous scientific approach. Our goal is to have a reliable measure. For this we pay particular attention to the control of the variability of the measurement which must remain less than 1%. Thus, we increment the techno bricks one by one and we eliminate each time any problem of variability.



We are currently the only ones able to measure CXS and rolling resistance outdoors with a variability of less than 1%. To achieve this, we validated our solution with velomobiles (fixed fairing bikes) whose CXS is constant. And that too, we are the only ones to have done it!


Our master word efficiency! we are competitors at heart, and we like to win! We also believe in:

  • Performance through knowledge.
  • “You can only improve what you measure”
  • Energy efficiency! Aeroscale’s goal is to reduce the energy cost of traveling a cyclist. And why not one day participate in the reduction of the energy cost of all means of transport, and thus be fully part of the ecological transition!

How it works

Aeroscale is hours of work and R&D. But it is also a human adventure and:

  • An English-style operation: We are moving forward by objective;
  • The organization of “tech’camp” to find oneself in a different setting and work on a subject thoroughly;
  • A collective at the service of performance. Like cycling, an individual sport that is practiced as a team.

And in this ascent, we are supported by: