Aeroscale is an innovative start-up in sport. Our current team consists of 3 people


CEO of the adventure, he is above all a passionate in bike and TT. His moto? “As I don’t have unlimited watts, I have to use them sparingly.” For more than 10 years, he has done various reflections about simply aero outdoor measure, and to optimize how to use his watts.

His international scientific and marketing background and his doctorate in physics and modeling complex systems (PhD) allowed him to combine passion and work by creating Aeroscale.


He’s the “techos” of adventure, our awesome geek. Engineer and doctor (PhD) of radio frequency systems, specialist in location technologies and embedded systems. Less cyclist but still sporty, you could meet him in the mountains on skis or on a boat at sea.


Former first category rider for 7 years, TT world master champion in 2015, he is our competitor in the team. He has spent many years in high-level sport by accompanying various athletes or teams. He is the guy who has to make our solution easy for you.