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Every serious rider has once wondered if his helmet A is faster than helmet B, or if his skinsuit X is faster than skinsuit Y. In the absence of numbers, the answers often come from sensations, beliefs or fashions. Now with Aeroscale these questions can be easily answered with clear figures. Aeroscale makes the blur become sharp. And the benefits are tremendous.

Let’s have a look at a particular example. The rider below had only one hour to test different aero configurations. He decided to try a combination of 4 main parameters : head position, handlebar height, arms inclination, and type of helmet.

In this one hour test, he was able to find aero setup capable of saving him 7% of energy at constant speed, or making him go 1 km/h faster for the same energy.

Example of the benefits of a 1h test session with Aeroscale. More than 1km/h was gained.