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Reliability of measurement: our n°1 concern

We started by spending hours checking the repeatability of our measurements with a variability to remain below 1%.

Validation by a velomobile:

To validate our technology, we carried out tests on fully enclosed velomobiles. In such a way as to have no possible aerodynamic variation coming from the measured object.

These tests showed that Aeroscale has an extremely low intrinsic variability of less than 1%. Concretely this corresponds to 0.001m² of Cda (or 1W of aero power at 45 km/h), which represents only 0.4% for a time trial rider

Here are the results of the 16 passages made:

16 tests on the same fixed drag vehicle show aeroscale's very low variability

This is to date (to our knowledge) the lowest variability and highest accuracy recorded for an outdoor testing device.

Fineness of measurement:

To test our solution, we voluntarily added aerodynamic disturbances on a fixed drag velomobile. Thus, Aeroscale is able to discriminate very small differences in aero, like a tennis ball, as illustrated below:

The voluntary aerodynamic disturbances put on a fixed drag vehicle and measured by the Aeroscale device show the accuracy of the measuring device.